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Disliking someone who is black does not make you racist

Disliking someone because they are black makes you racist

Disliking someone who is gay does not make you homophobic

Disliking someone because they are gay makes you homophobic

Disliking someone who is a woman does not make you sexist

Disliking someone because they are a woman makes you sexist


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10 Life Hacks/Tricks to Simplify Your Life #117


1. To cure a hangover, eat as much protein as you can in the morning. The more protein, the less intense the hangover

2. If you have a runny nose, tilt your head all the way back while drinking water.

3.On you can put in whatever you have in your fridge and it will tell you everything you can make with them

4. Honey, when mixed with vinegar and water, can remove worms and other parasites in your body.

5. Sun rises in the east and falls in the west. Knowing this will allow you to always know what direction you’re heading.

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