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winger-hawk asked:

You know, I'm all for feminism the theory, but not "feminism" the word. B/c lbr, it's taken on such a bad connotation over the decades, mostly b/c of the man-hating bitches that have given it that bad name. The idea of egalitarianism & equality b/w the sexes is lost as soon as that word comes up in conversation b/c of the "femin-" part. As per Susan Sarandon, the word IS fairly "old-fashioned", and I refer to myself as a "humanist" instead. At least then it can't be twisted one way or the other.


Ok wow, no.

You’re basically saying that “fem”—the feminine—doesn’t garner respect in conversation. Which, HELLO, IS WHY WE NEED FEMINISM. 

Furthermore, I always find it interesting that opponents of feminism equate it with misandry; men’s worst view of feminism is that women would treat men the way men treat women.

That’s why we need feminism.

The fact that you take the time to delineate “man-hating bitches” within the definition of feminism is exactly why it needs to be called feminism. Are you saying there’s only one way to be an empowered woman? Or have you wondered why those women are angry, let alone who coined that term you simplify them with? 

Let me be clear: you have been conditioned to stigmatize women being aggressive, in power, and seeking equality because of “woman-hating dicks”.

The internalized misogyny within your message is why we need feminism. 

I’m sure there are women who hate men, and I understand why they do—because they were raised into a system that denotes them as unequal. They were born under a thumb of patriarchy, and have struggled—and fought—to be free of that. I know I’m pissed, why aren’t you? 

My mother was a feminist in the late 60s and 70s. When women were getting arrested for fighting for their freedom, to give you the society you grew up in (which, though still with it’s flaws, is grossly underestimated by our generation in terms of how far it’s come). 

Are you calling my mother a “man-hating bitch”? Because that’s what everyone did.

My mother, who sat me down once and told me, “Sarah, I burned bras for you; we fought so that our daughters wouldn’t grow up in the same oppression I did.”

My mother, who watches the news with a pursed mouth, who listens to reporters call powerful women like Hilary Clinton “frosty” or “bossy”, who focus more on whether Nancy Pelosi has had “work done” vs how much work she actually gets done in congress. 

My mother, who on the day the Supreme Court ruled against birth control, I knew I could call and share all my anger with—and who only made me realize everything that she fought for that I still take for granted.

Did you know that the Equal Rights Amendment—which was written in the 1920s, didn’t get to congress till 1972 (and you can thank my mom & her “man-hating bitch” friends for that)—STILL HASN’T BEEN RATIFIED? EQUAL RIGHTS FOR WOMEN IS STILL NOT EVEN IN THE CONSTITUTION.


Finally: do you have any fucking idea how derogatory the term bitch is? It’s used jokingly in modern culture, but it still has massively offensive undertones. It’s root is in saying a woman is nothing more than a dog. A dog that is owned by a master, a man. 

Ask yourself some major questions. Why do you think of them as bitches? Why do you feel the need to separate yourselves from the term feminism? Do you think that women showing power is what threatens people into simplifying them into, what, angry lesbians? 

Feminism is humanism, but it’s sure as hell not a fucking theory


Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

For more supernatural romance:

Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor for a heroine who stands her own.

The Goddess Test by Aimee Carter for a modern take on the Persephone myth.

Secret Lives by Gabriella Poole for the story of a new girl at a guarded school full of secrets.

Finding Sky by Joss Stirling for a heroine learning to embrace her power. 

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Anime I’m keeping my eye on this season. =)


Sorry for being so inactive guys. In all honesty the reason why I took a break is because I wasn’t interested in a lot of the anime last season and watched them, but didn’t have enough patience to make posts about them.

Kill La Kill was good but I didn’t enjoy it as much as everyone else *WEIRD* xD

But I’ll be back this season! =D Also I’m setting up a youtube channel and a gaming stream. Look forward to it guys!

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